The Department of Social Services has funded the Commission to use the NSQHS Standards and other potential mechanisms to provide the basis for nationally coordinated improvement in the care of patients with cognitive impairment in acute care.

During the first phase of the project, a draft handbook was developed, which aims to guide services in improving care of people with cognitive impairment within the context of the NSQHS Standards. The Commission consulted extensively with both health care providers and health care consumers on the draft handbook between October and December 2013. Feedback was sought through a national round of consultation forums and an online consultation survey.

Consultation focused on how well the draft handbook:

  • Raised awareness of cognitive impairment as a safety and quality issue;
  • Provided a useful guide to actions, strategies and resources to improve safety and quality; and
  • Demonstrated how actions can be mapped to the NSQHS Standards.

Subject to approval, the Commission will release the final Handbook late 2014. In the event there are safety and quality issues that have not been adequately addressed within the NSQHS Standards, consideration will be given to possible solutions to address these issues.