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The Commission and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) have embarked on a joint project on behalf of the Department of Health to develop a governance and reporting framework for general practice accreditation in Australia.

The joint project aims to:

  • identify issues general practice have with the existing accreditation scheme;
  • maximise opportunities to enhance the safety and quality of patient care through the application of accreditation; and
  • identify options for the coordination of general practice accreditation, including an appeals mechanism.

Further detail about the joint project can be found here: General practice accreditation to benefit from collaborative approach


Consultation on the proposed model General Practice Accreditation Scheme – now closed

Project progress

Consultation on the proposed model General Practice Accreditation Scheme – now closed

The public consultation process on the proposed model General Practice Accreditation Scheme has now closed. Thank you to the organisations and individuals who provided feedback.

The Commission has reviewed the feedback received, incorporated many of the changes and will release the finalised model in the coming months. Copies will be available from the Commission’s General Practice Accreditation pages.

A copy of the consultation paper is available to download:

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Project progress

General practices have been consulted to identify duplicate processes, variations in assessments and opportunities to enhance the current accreditation scheme.

In 2013, the Commission undertook a small scale consultation focusing on understanding the issues affecting rural general practice. The results of this consultation have been described in a consultation paper and poster presentation for GP14.

In 2014, the Commission undertook a second consultation process to include the broader general practice sector. The multi-method consultation process resulted in feedback from over 300 respondents. The Commission received written submissions by the:

A consultation report based on the feedback received from this consultation process will be available later in 2015.

In addition to this work, the Commission contracted research firm Urbis to develop a literature review of general practice accreditation to inform the project.

  • Literature Review – General Practice Accreditation Report, October 2014 (PDF 3MB) (Word 4MB)

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Last update: 30 July 2015