A major initiative to improve the safe use of medicines is the national standardisation of medicines management documentation through medication charts.

The National Inpatient Medication Chart (NIMC) is a suite of nationally standard medication charts, both paper and electronic, that present and communicate information consistently between healthcare professionals providing care to patients on the intended use of medicines for an individual patient.

Its purpose is to reduce the risk of prescribing, dispensing and administration error by health professionals through standardised presentation of information on the intended use of medicines for an individual patient, and through standardised presentation of medicines information in all high risk healthcare settings.

Use of the NIMC in hospitals is mandatory and can be demonstrated by implementation and use of one, or more, of the following NIMC versions. Charts are also available in formats designed for private health services.

PBS Hospital Medication Chart

The Commission has developed a national standard medication chart for use in inpatient and outpatient settings in both public and private hospitals, which provides for the prescribing, dispensing and claiming of Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) medicines directly from the chart, as appropriate. The chart also accommodates the provision of non-PBS medicines.

Inpatient medication

Day Procedure Services

Specialist inpatient medication

Medication history and reconciliation

Residential aged care facility medication

The Commission was appointed to develop a standard medication chart for use in residential aged care facilities.

The NRMC was launched in 2014.

Support materials

There is a range of nationally maintained NIMC support materials.

Private hospitals

Private hospitals face particular challenges because of the requirement for separate documentation requirements for Medicare Australia and for pharmacy ordering. All NIMCs are available in private hospital versions.

Further information is available for private hospitals on NIMC use.

NIMC literature