The Medication Management Plan (MMP) is an initiative of the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (the Commission). The MMP provides health service providers with a standardised form that can be used by nursing, medical, pharmacy and allied health staff to improve the accuracy of information recorded on admission and available to the clinician responsible for therapeutic decision making.

Standardised recording of the medicines taken prior to presentation at the hospital and reconciling of patients’ medicines on admission, intra-hospital transfer and at discharge is considered essential for the medication reconciliation process. The MMP provides a suitable paper form for this purpose. The MMP form was designed for use in adult and paediatric patients.

The MMP is based on the Medication Action Plan developed by the Safe Medication Management Unit, Queensland Health, in consultation with nurses, doctors and pharmacists. The MMP aligns with the Australian Pharmaceutical Advisory Council’s Guiding principles [insert hyperlink] to achieve continuity in medication management. It incorporates the minimum data set for a medication history outlined in Guiding Principle 4 – Accurate medication history.

Some jurisdictions and health services have modified the MMP to align with local needs and practices.

Medication Management Plan (PDF 240KB)
Medication Management Plan design files

Using the Medication Management Plan

A training presentation with audio voice over is available to assist healthcare professionals use the Medication Management Plan (MMP). The MMP assists clinicians documenting a patient’s Best Possible Medication History [insert hyperlink] systematically and to reconciling their medicines on admission.

The presentation details the four steps of medication reconciliation and highlights the evidence and benefits for formal medication reconciliation.

Download the training presentation (requires Adobe Flash Version 9)

A PDF version of the Medication Management Plan training presentation and speaker notes are also available

MMP training presentation (PDF 7520 KB)
Speaker Notes for MMP Presentation (PDF 80 KB)

Other MMP support materials include the Guide on how to complete the MMP (PDF document) and the MMP Poster (PDF 1.33MB)

National Medication Reconciliation Seminar October 2010

The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care held a one day national seminar in Sydney on 11 October 2010 to introduce the Medication Management Plan (MMP) and other resources to assist in the implementation of

The seminar was attended by representatives from the fifteen health services across Australia participating in the World Health Organisation (WHO) High 5s Medication Reconciliation Project as well as medication safety experts, representatives and clinicians from the States and Territories, the private hospital sector, and members of the Commission’s Medication Continuity Expert Advisory Group.

View the Report on the National Medication Reconciliation Seminar