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By completing a short survey you can help us better understand your information needs and how we can optimise your experience on the Commission's website.
Short notice assessments commencing July 2023
Learn more about the transition to short notice assessments for accreditation to the NSQHS Standards ahead of July 2023.
Intellectual disability resources
We have developed new resources to ensure that people with intellectual disability receive safe, high quality and inclusive health care.
Primary and Community Healthcare Standards
Assessments have begun to the National Safety and Quality Primary and Community Healthcare Standards.
World Hand Hygiene Day
Hand hygiene prevents infections, keeping patients and healthcare workers safe. Learn more and access the latest resources.

Recent publications

Explore our new eLearning modules for early-career health professionals working with high risk medicines.
Antimicrobial shortages can be difficult to manage and require planning. See our latest fact sheets to learn more.
National Hand Hygiene Audit results
The latest hand hygiene audit reveals 86.6% compliance. Access the full report and find out how your healthcare department fared.
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