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Audit and Risk Committee

The primary role of the ARC is to provide the Board with specialist high level assistance, advice and oversight with respect to the Commission’s financial reporting, corporate governance, risk and control and internal and external audit functions. Core responsibilities include:

  • Monitoring the effectiveness of risk management and internal control frameworks, management policies and key governance processes.
  • Monitoring the Commission’s compliance with provisions and requirements of the PGPA Act and Rules.
  • Monitoring cost forecasting and collection of information for annual reporting purposes.
  • Reviewing fraud prevention and security related matters.
  • Reviewing operational risks, internal control measures, internal and external audits and reporting.
  • Reviewing any other matter referred to it by the Board or the Chief Executive Officer.

Inter-Jurisdictional Committee

The IJC is a meeting of safety and quality officials of the Commonwealth, States and Territories supported by the Commission, but created by AHMC in 2006. It is responsible for providing advice on the process of policy development and facilitating jurisdictional engagement in the work of the Commission.The IJC will consider and provide advice to the Commission on the following:

  • The Commission’s programs, standards, guidelines and indicators and the implementation of these;
  • The maintenance of effective working relationships with key stakeholders to facilitate the work of the Commission;
  • Safety and quality issues regarding the Australian health care system; and
  • The process for collecting and reporting on national data on safety and quality issues.

In addition, the IJC will:

  • Advise the Commission on the adequacy of the policy development process and implementation of policies;
  • Inform health departments and ministries of new policy directions and assist in driving implementation; and
  • Support the implementation of the National Safety and Quality Goals.

Membership of the Inter-Jurisdictional Committee:

  • Ms Michele McKinnon (Chair), Department of Health, South Australia
  • Mr Deane Wilks, Department of Health, Northern Territory
  • Mr Mark Cormack, Department of Health, ACT
  • Dr Audrey Koay, Department of Health, Western Australia
  • Ms Nicola Reinders, Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria
  • Dr Jodi Glading, Department of Health and Human Services, Tasmania
  • A/Prof Deborah Browne, ACT Health
  • Ms Kirstine Sketcher-Baker, Queensland Health
  • Ms Carrie Marr, Clinical Excellence Commission
  • Adjunct Professor Debora Picone AO (Ex Officio), the Commission

Primary Care Committee

The PCC is responsible for facilitating the engagement and uptake of Commission programs in the primary health care sector.  The role of the PCC includes:

  • Assisting in tailoring of the Commission’s programs to enable their uptake in the primary health care sector
  • Informing the Commission of key safety and quality issues affecting the primary health care sector’s performance
  • Providing strategic input and feedback on the Commission’s work including advising on policy development and facilitating primary health sector engagement
  • Providing leadership to the Commission to implement effective communication mechanisms between health system sectors.

Private Hospital Sector Committee

The PHSC is responsible for advising the Commission on key safety and quality initiatives from the perspective of the private hospital sector.The role of the PHSC includes:

  • Liaison with the Commission on key safety and quality issues affecting the private hospitals sector
  • Providing input and feedback on the Commission’s work including advising on policy development and facilitating private hospital sector engagement
  • Working in partnership with the Commission to pursue an agreed safety and quality agenda, including providing feedback on the uptake of safety and quality initiatives
  • Assisting the Commission to implement effective communication mechanisms between sectors of the health system.

Membership of the Private Hospital Sector Committee:

  • Ms Christine Gee (Chair), Toowong Private Hospital
  • Dr Michael Coglin, Healthscope Ltd
  • Ms Anne Crouch, Eyetech Day Surgeries
  • Ms Deanne Day, Buderim Gastroenterology Centre
  • Mr Wayne Adams, HCF
  • Mr Rohan Mead, Australian Unity Health Ltd
  • Ms Glenna Parker, Ramsay Health Care Ltd
  • Michael Roff, Australian Private Hospitals Association
  • Dr Mark Lubliner, St John of God Health Care
  • Dr Victoria Atkinson, St Vincent’s Health Australia
  • Dr Chris Zappala, AMA Queensland