The Audit Tool

The audit tool contains 28 core questions which will provide a basic overview of the end-of-life care provided by their organisation and a further 33 optional questions which provide more detail regarding resuscitation plans, advance care plans and MET calls. Organisations are able to tailor their audit to their individual needs.

It is recommended that sites create their audits using an online survey tool such as Survey Monkey. The audit tool and guidance on how to structure your audits can be found below.

Alternatively, the Commission has produced the core questions online, and is able to send this version to any holder of a Survey Monkey Pro account. Users can then adapt the survey and add additional questions if they wish to do so. To request a copy of the audit tool please complete the form.




The audit tool (PDF)

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Date added: 18/06/2018

The audit tool (Excel)

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Date added: 18/06/2018