Safety and Quality > Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights Consultation Process

The Commission has undertaken an extensive consultation process with health sector, government and health consumer interest groups to aid the development of the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights.

As part of this process, a consultation paper on a draft National Patient Charter of Rights (PDF 75 KB) was released for broad consultation in January 2008. The paper provided background information regarding the development of the patient charter and discussed how a charter might be used. Over 500 hard copies of the paper were provided to stakeholders with an invitation to provide a written submission. Copies were also made available on the Commission’s website with information about the consultation process and an invitation to make a submission.

Comment from consumers, patients, families and carers, healthcare organisations, peak professional bodies, community groups and consumer organisations were specifically encouraged to ensure that the National Charter reflects the aspirations of all involved stakeholders.

Over ninety written submissions were received in response to the Commission’s invitation to provide comment. A list of organisations and individuals is available on the Draft National Patient Charter of Rights – Stakeholder Submissions 1 to 50 and Draft National Patient Charter of Rights – Stakeholder Submissions 51 to 96 web pages. If you would like to receive a copy of these submissions please contact ACSQHC.

The comments and views expressed in submissions were considered by a multi-disciplinary Reference Group (PDF 25 KB) established to advise on the Charter, and taken into account in developing the final Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights. The feedback received during the consultation process has been summarised in the National Patient Charter of Rights Consultation Report (PDF 222 KB).

The Commission has also prepared Summary Paper – A Comparison of Patient Charters in Australia (PDF 220 KB), that provides background information about patient charters in Australia.