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The role of the Commission is to achieve safer, more effective and more responsive care for consumers. The Commission has consumer input for each of its priority programs, as well as in its overall strategic planning and decision making. The Commission’s membership also includes consumer representation.

In 2008, the Commission sought to build on its existing engagement with consumers and look more broadly at the way patients and consumers are engaged in its work. The Commission undertook an extensive national consultation process to aid its consideration about how to best engage consumers in its work.

This resulted in the development of the Consumer Engagement Statement (PDF 42 KB), which is a high-level statement of how consumers, carers and the community will be engaged with the Commission. The Consumer Engagement Statement should be read in conjunction with the proposed National Safety and Quality Framework. The proposed framework is designed to guide action to improve the safety and quality of the care provided in all healthcare settings over the next decade. Many elements of the proposed framework are designed to foster patient and consumer involvement in their own care and in the design of the health system.


The Commission wishes to thank stakeholders who responded to its request for submissions about consumer engagement. A list of organisations and individuals and corresponding submissions is available by contacting the Commission.

The comments and views expressed in submissions have been summarised in the Development of a Consumer Engagement Statement for the Commission: Consultation Report (PDF 243 KB).

background paper about the development of a consumer engagement strategy for the Commission (PDF 100 KB) was prepared to assist with the consultation process.

Literature Review

The Monash Institute of Health Services Research has prepared a Literature Review Regarding Patient Engagement in Patient Safety Initiatives (PDF 423 KB). The literature review presents articles in the academic and grey literature which directly relate to patient engagement in patient safety activities. The reviewers adopted a narrow definition of patient safety and this is reflected in the literature analysed as part of this review.