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The Commission has been established to lead and coordinate national improvements in the safety and quality of health care. The Commission must use the best available information to support its programs and to develop new policies and programs that will drive improvements in the safety and quality of health care. It has developed a research framework which provides a systematic approach to how it will use research evidence to support its work. This document is a public statement of the principles outlined in the research framework.

The research framework has been developed to be cognisant of the Commission’s particular role and operating environment. The Commission:

  • Is not a research organisation and does not have a specific research budget
  • Has a modest operating budget and small number of staff, and must therefore harness existing knowledge in a strategic way so that it directly supports its work programs
  • Requires the capacity to access the best available evidence rapidly to feed into its decisions about policy and programs in a timely manner
  • Must comply with the Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines and the procurement requirements of the Department of Health.

As a small, knowledge-based organisation with a role primarily in influencing other agencies, the Commission must take a strategic approach to using research evidence. In all of its activities, the Commission will therefore:

  • Use the best available evidence to plan, implement and evaluate its programs.
  • Regularly identify and prioritise its needs for evidence.
  • Develop strategies to make best use of existing research, including supporting reviews of research.
  • Not support investigator initiated research outside of its priorities, but may support investigator-initiated proposals within its research priorities.
  • Commission new research focused on its own identified priorities, as required.
  • Seek to influence the allocation of additional funds for safety and quality research.
  • Maximise the value of the Commission’s work by establishing close partnership with researchers.
  • Support or collaborate only in research of the highest scientific quality.
  • Support public reporting of research outcomes from the Commission’s work and disseminate research findings to maximise health system penetration.
  • Ensure that its programs to identify and generate relevant research comply with principles of good governance, accountability and value for money.

The Commission’s research framework consists of four components:

  1. A strategic approach to the Commission’s use of research evidence, including a goal, objectives and principles
  2. A method for identifying and prioritising the Commission’s research needs
  3. A set of strategies to achieve the Commission’s objectives for the use of research evidence to support its priorities and programs
  4. Guidelines for the management of the Commission’s research activities.

Research goal and objectives focuses on the first and fourth components of the Commission’s research framework, so that researchers who are working or may work with ACSQHC can have a clear understanding of the Commission’s approach.