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The Australian Safety and Quality Framework for Health Care (PDF 568 KB) describes a vision for safe and high quality care for all Australians, and sets out the actions needed to achieve this vision. The Framework specifies three core principles for safe and high quality care. These are that care is consumer centred, driven by information, and organised for safety. The Framework was endorsed by Health Ministers as the national safety and quality framework for Australia in November 2010.

The Framework provides 21 areas for action that all people in the health system can take to improve the safety and quality of care provided in all healthcare settings over the next decade. The Framework should:

    • be used as the basis of strategic and operational safety and quality plans
    • provide a mechanism for refocusing current safety and quality improvement activities and designing goals for health service improvement
    • be used as a guide for reviewing investments and research in safety and quality
    • promote discussion with consumers, clinicians, managers, researchers and policy makers about how they might best form partnerships to improve safety and quality.

The Framework applies in all part of the Australian health care system, and can be used by primary, community, and acute health care providers and managers, consumers, and other organisations and governments that improve, regulate, build evidence about, or advocate for safety and quality in health care.

Click here to see how the Framework was developed and read written submissions to the consultation process.

Getting started

To support the use of the Framework, the Commission has prepared a series of “Getting Started” documents. These have been specially prepared for four groups who are particularly important for embedding the Framework in the Australian healthcare system. Getting Started documents have been prepared for:

Each Getting Started document focuses on a number of the actions in the Framework that particularly apply to that group and describes activities that they can do or put in place to improve safety and quality.