Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights (second edition)

The second edition of the Charter is available now. The second edition is clearer and more specific about issues that consumers said were important to them.

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Release of the second edition 

Online launch of the second edition

Supportive resources

The Commission is developing a range of tools and resources to help consumers, and healthcare providers understand and use the Charter. These resources will be released in stages over the next 12-months. The first tranche of resources includes translations into 19 languages, Auslan, Braille and Easy English. These resources were released on 8 August 2019.

How was the second edition developed?

The Commission commenced the review the Charter in 2018. Over 1600 survey responses were received and eight workshops were held with consumers, health service staff and policy-makers. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this review.

The second edition of the Charter reflects an increased focus on person-centred care and empowers consumers to take an active role in their healthcare. It aligns with the first edition of the Charter, but is clearer and more specific about important issues such as health literacy, shared decision making and partnership in action.

Information about the consultation process and the key findings are available in two reports:

How does the Charter relate to the NSQHS Standards?

The National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards require health service organisations to use a charter of rights that is consistent with the Charter. This means that health services may adopt the Charter, or develop their own charter. Health service organisations need to ensure that any charter that they develop aligns with the Charter and is accessible for patients, carers, families and consumers.

Health service organisations that are currently undergoing accreditation may choose to:

  • Continue to use the first edition of the Charter, or a local adaptation, or
  • Commence transitioning to the second edition of the Charter, or develop a tailored version to suit their local context.


If you have any questions about the Charter, please contact the Partnering with Consumers team on (02) 9126 3600 or by email at