Resources for Antimicrobial Awareness Week (AAW)

World Antimicrobial Awareness Week will now routinely occur between 18 - 24 November each year starting from 2020 (irrespective of the day of the week). WHO Antimicrobial Awareness Week.

The Commission supports AAW in Australia by providing a range of resources and coordinating initiatives to support the effective use of antimicrobials in preventing and containing antimicrobial resistance.

The slogan for Antimicrobial Awareness Week 2020 is 'Antimicrobials: handle with care', applicable to all sectors, and the theme for the human health sector for 2020 is 'United to preserve antimicrobials'. 


Antimicrobial Awareness Week is an opportunity to focus on, and promote, the safe and appropriate use of antimicrobials in your health service or hospital and note the challenges of antimicrobial resistance to safe, quality health care provision.

A range of resources have been developed by the Commission to support hospitals and health service organisations in running activities and events in the lead up to and during Antimicrobial Awareness Week, these include:

Poster or graphic

This logo has been developed for Antimicrobial Awareness Week, and can be used in a number of formats such as branding for resources, social media or email signatures.

Poster or graphic

Guide, user guide or guidelines

Guide, user guide or guidelines

Useful websites



Antimicrobial stewardship resources

Visit the Commission's AMS web page for more information about antimicrobial stewardship and more resources.

The Antimicrobial Stewardship Clinical Care Standard

The Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS) Clinical Care Standard aims to ensure that a patient with an infection receives optimal treatment with antimicrobials - the right antimicrobial to treat their condition, the right dose, by the right route, at the right time and for the right duration based on accurate assessment and timely review.

Learn more about antimicrobial prescribing: E-learning Modules

The Commission and NPS MedicineWise have developed a series of e-learning modules on antimicrobial prescribing aimed at prescribers in their first two years out of medical school, as well as nurse practitioners, hospital pharmacists and university students. The modules address specific areas where antimicrobial use in hospitals is sub optimal, including surgical prophylaxis and community acquired pneumonia.

National Antimicrobial Prescribing Survey (NAPS)

The National Antimicrobial Prescribing Survey (NAPS) is an annual survey that is coordinated by the National Centre for Antimicrobial Stewardship as part of the AURA Surveillance System.

To find out more visit the NAPS website or contact the NAPS team and start planning participation in the survey.

National Antimicrobial Utilisation Surveillance Program (NAUSP)

The National Antimicrobial Utilisation Surveillance Program (NAUSP) collects data on the volume of antimicrobial usage from Australian hospitals; the results of the analyses of these collections are published by the Commission, as part of the AURA Surveillance System, to support hospitals in their antimicrobial stewardship programs and the safety and quality of health services.