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An NSQHS Standards Advisory is a formal communication from the Commission to accrediting agencies to provide guidance and direction on the interpretation and/or assessment of the NSQHS Standards. Advisories are numbered and dated before distribution.

The NSQHS Standards advisories are routinely reviewed to ensure they remain current. All the NSQHS Standards advisories have been updated following the latest review.

Active NSQHS Standards (first edition) advisories:

Advisory A13/06: Risk-based workforce immunisation program for dental practices

Advisory A15/03: Core, developmental and non-applicable for private dental practices

Advisory A17/02: Batch control identification system for dental practices


Superseded advisories:

Advisory A13/01: Notification of significant risk (superseded by Advisory AS18/09)

Advisory A15/01: Transitioning between accrediting agencies (superseded by Advisory AS18/05)

Advisory A16/01: Accreditation assessment requirements of health service organisations post significant clinical or governance review (superseded by Advisory AS18/06)

Advisory A16/03: Reprocessing of reusable medical devices in health service organisations (superseded by Advisory AS18/07)

Advisory A17/01: Antimicrobial stewardship (superseded by Advisory AS18/08)


Rescinded advisories:

Advisory A12/01: Hand hygiene programs

Advisory A13/02: Interim accreditation of new health services

Advisory A13/04: Collection and reporting of accreditation evidence by accrediting agencies

Advisory A13/05: Assessment of training requirements for credentialed medical and other clinical practitioners and visiting medical officers

Advisory A13/07: Advice provided to accrediting agencies on not applicable actions

Advisory A13/08: Transition arrangements from 2014

Advisory A14/01: Assessment of developmental actions in the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards

Advisory A14/02: Pre-admission requirements and responding to patient deterioration in small health facilities

Advisory A15/02: Advance care directive assessment requirements in low risk environments

Advisory A16/02: Application of the requirements for general observation charts

Advisory A16/04: Medication management plan



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Last updated: 1 April 2018