• Terms and conditions

    The Commission will make available the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards logo and NSQHS Standards icons artwork on a case by case basis under the following conditions:

    • The use of the artwork must be in relation to the use of the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards.
    • The artwork must not be altered in form or colour. The size of the artwork can be manipulated to suit the purpose.
    • The artwork must not be used for commercial purposes, although consideration will be given for use in educational resources for health professionals.
    • The Commission will provide written approval and the artwork must only be used for the purposes specified in approval.
    • Please note, if the usage of the artwork changes from the initial request, a new request must be submitted, subject for approval.
    • The role of the Commission in developing the NSQHS Standards should be acknowledged.
    • A copy of the resource/s once developed should be provided to the Commission.