Project Information

The Delirium Clinical Care Standard aims to improve the prevention of delirium in patients at risk and improve the early diagnosis and treatment of patients with delirium, so as to reduce the severity and duration of delirium.


The Delirium Clinical Care Standard provides advice to clinicians, consumers and health services on key components of care including:

  • Early screening
  • Assessing for delirium
  • Interventions to prevent delirium
  • Identifying and treating underlying causes
  • Preventing falls and pressure injuries
  • Minimising the use of antipsychotic medicines
  • Transition from hospital care


The Commission undertook a public consultation on the draft Delirium Clinical Care Standard and related documentation from 25 May 2015 to 3 July 2015. Over 200 submissions were received from individuals, organisations and consumer groups.

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Topic Working Group

A Topic Working Group comprised of individuals with relevant expertise in the management of delirium, experience in the Australian health care system, as well as representatives of major consumer organisations, provided clinical advice, expertise and consumer input to this work. Disclosures are updated prior to each meeting and managed in line with the Commission’s Policy on Disclosure of Interests.

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