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A Clinical Care Standard is a small number of quality statements that describe the care patients should be offered by health professionals and health services for a specific clinical condition or defined clinical pathway in line with current best evidence.

Each Clinical Care Standard is developed in collaboration with a topic working group of clinicians, researchers and consumers. The group use the most current evidence from guidelines and standards, information about gaps between evidence and practice, their expertise and knowledge of the issues affecting the appropriate delivery of care, and consideration of issues that are important to consumers.

The topic working groups are supported by a Clinical Care Standards Advisory Committee that provides advice on the development process of the Clinical Care Standards program.

A public consultation process is also conducted on each draft Clinical Care Standard and associated documents before finalisation and publication.

Quality statements within the Clinical Care Standards describe high priority areas for quality improvement. They are identified based on areas of current variation, information about what we know works in terms of treatments, procedures and processes, and what care should be offered to a patient.

Each Clinical Care Standard:

  • helps people to know what care to expect for a particular clinical condition, helps them make informed decisions about treatment in collaboration with their health professional
  • provides guidance to health professionals so they can deliver quality care and have informed discussions about treatment options with their patients
  • sets out the components of care that health services can use to guide practice and monitor improvement in their hospitals and other services where the Clinical Care Standard is applicable.

Accompanying each Clinical Care Standard is a set of suggested Indicators to assist local health services to monitor how well they implement the care described in the Clinical Care Standard. They are not a set of targets or mandatory indicators for performance management rather a tool for quality improvement.

A consumer fact sheet and a clinician fact sheet are also developed to support the implementation of each Clinical Care Standard.


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