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University of Technology Centre for Health Communication

HELiCS is an acronym for ‘Handover: Enabling Learning in Communication (for) Safety’ and is an approach to staff learning that centres on involving frontline clinicians in reflecting on practice using actual video footage of their handovers. The HELiCS Kit includes: 1) a 20-minute training DVD with examples of actual footage from the participating clinical sites, and visual examples of how handover practice improvements occurred in these sites; 2) a Resource Booklet that explains the video-based improvement procedure and details the achievements at three case study sites and; 3) a HELiCS website with further visual and published resources, information about the reflexive redesign method, and an interactive forum where clinicians interested in sharing their experiences using video can go to discuss progress, solutions and problems.


HELiCS Booklet (PDF 5102 KB)

Case Study 1: Emergency Department (PDF 1470 KB)

Case Study 2: Intensive Care Unit (PDF 2007 KB)

Case Study 3: Spinal Rehabilitation Unit (PDF 1853 KB)

Ethical Governance (PDF 921 KB)