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In this study, GPpartners developed an audit tool focused specifically on information flow in Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACFs) and hospitals transfers. This focused on how admission and discharge information is currently received; types of information received and the possible impact on clinical outcomes. Two audits were performed three months apart, on both admissions and discharges of residents in RACFs. Two methods for improving patient information flow in these transfers were promoted between the first and second audits – the Yellow Envelope (paper-based) and Health Records eXchange (electronic). Results show improvement on some indicators in the second audit, such as an increase of clinical information included in admissions and an increase in discharges received with the resident.


Admission Audit Tool (PDF 44 KB)

Discharge Audit Tool (PDF 35 KB)

Guidelines for Audit Tools (PDF 55 KB)

Clinical Audit Toolkit (PDF 698 KB)