Safety and Quality > Our Work > Clinical Communications > Clinical Handover > National Clinical Handover Initiative Pilot Program > Inter-professional communication and team climate in complex clinical handover situations (in the Post Anaesthesia Care Unit)

Deakin University in collaboration with Epworth, Cabrini and Alfred Hospitals

The focus of this quality improvement project was an in-depth evaluation of inter-professional communication and team work during clinical handover in Post Anaesthetic Care Units (PACU). This project led to the development of valid and practical tools and measures of safety and quality in clinical handover specific to the PACU in the private sector, these tools appear to be transferable across the public health care sector. Handover improvement solutions included process improvement tools, standardised structure and content tools (ISOBAR and minimum data checklist) and tools for ongoing quality monitoring and evaluation to ensure clinical handover practices are both robust and resilient in the workplace.


Handover ID card (PDF 2540 KB)

A3 Booklet on Using tools to evaluate the quality of interprofessional clinical handover (PDF 713 KB)