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Tasmania Department of Health and Human Services, Royal Hobart Hospital and University of Tasmania

This project has developed transferable standardised operating protocols incorporating minimum data sets for medical and nursing shift-to-shift handover in General Medicine, General Surgery and Emergency Medicine at the Royal Hobart Hospital. The project utilised a holistic socio-technical approach to understand and improve clinical handover. This approach integrated clinical and information systems expertise with qualitative field techniques, as well as user-centred education and training. The model of an iterative feedback loop to support continuous improvement was used to gather information and then continually revise practice. The project’s outputs are structured into four major deliverables: 1) Stakeholder engagement protocol; 2) Minimum data sets for clinical handover; 3) Standardised Operating Protocols (SOPs) and; 4) Training materials for implementation of SOPs.


Stakeholder Engagement Protocol (PDF 195 KB)

Minimum Data Set (PDF 58 KB)

Standard Operating Protocol (PDF 472 KB)

Training Materials (Nursing – General Medicine) (PDF 1131 KB)

* Please note that the above are transferable over-arching tools that can be localised to different clinical settings. For more specific tools tailored towards general medicine, general surgery and emergency medicine, please contact ACSQHC.