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The SHARED (Situation, History, Assessment, Risk, Expectation and Documentation) framework was piloted within two private hospitals. It sought to address the communication issues associated with the critical time around referral from the midwife to the VMO when a change in the woman’s condition is diagnosed and, referral from the VMO to the recovery nurse/midwife post-Caesarean section. The project included pre- and post-implementation measures using clinician surveys, chart audits, clinical incident data and patient satisfaction data. This project found that using SHARED to define the minimum dataset can improve the accuracy and appropriateness of information exchanged for clinical handover.


SHARED Graphic (PDF 272 KB)

SHARED Poster (PDF 257 KB)

SHARED Swing Tag (PDF 163 KB)

SHARED Sticker (PDF 68 KB)

SHARED Resource Guide (PDF 636 KB)

SHARED phone handover for communicating a critical situation, or change in patient condition (PDF 71 KB)

SHARED Carepath Inserts Post C-Section Recovery Room Handover (PDF 53 KB)

SHARED Carepath Inserts Post Operative Recovery Room Handover (PDF 53 KB)

SHARED Carepath Inserts Well Term Newborn (PDF 42 KB)