lbury-Wodonga Private Hospital – Ramsay Healthcare

This project used the PACT mnemonic – Patient Assessment, Assertive Communication, Continuum of Care for Patient Safety, and Team Work with Trust – to facilitate improved communication and increase patient safety through the development, implementation and evaluation of formalised tools and education processes for clinical handover. Baselines surveys were conducted with both doctors and nurses to identify key issues in clinical handover. The SBAR principles were then used to develop two communication tools. A handover prompt card provides a template for standardising shift-to-shift and person-to-person handover. It guides the speaker in a sequence thereby establishing a routine that also enables the receiver to note if information is omitted. The second, a reporting template, is a standard template for nurses contacting Visiting Medical Officers (VMOs) to report deterioration in a patient’s condition. The format assists nurses to structure their communication in a logical sequence, facilitating rapid comprehension from VMOs. The clinicians felt that these handover tools vastly improved their confidence level when communicating.


SBAR communication tool (PDF 39 KB)

Using the SBAR tool (PDF 13 KB)

Handover prompt card (PDF 26 KB)

PACT poster (PDF 2255 KB)