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In 2008-2009, a series of workshops were held to provide an opportunity to learn and share information about some tools being developed by clinical handover pilot projects from around Australia. These solutions are being developed for use across healthcare settings by teams participating in the National Clinical Handover Initiative.

Plenary session (PDF 216 KB) by Ms Leena Sudano, South Australia’s Health & Community Services Complaints Commissioner.

TeamSTEPPS™: Teamwork and Communication Training Programme (PDF 4104 KB)
South Australian Department of Health Clinical Systems
Presenters: Karen Stead, Christy Perone, Robert Adams, Conrad Wareham

Exnovation: Enabling frontline staff to devise suitable solutions to handover challenges (PDF 4042 KB)

University of Technology, Sydney
Presenters: Rick Iedema, Eamon Merrick, Robert Herkes (Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, ICU)

Ossie, Ossie, Ossie, Oi, Oi, Oi Please “hand me an isobar” to improve clinical handover (PDF 1704 KB)

Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services
Presenters: Kwang Chien Yee, Ming Chao Wong, Paul Turner

iSoBAR – keeping the pressure up – making handover sticky (PDF 2959 KB)

West Australian Country Health Service and Royal Perth Hospital
Presenters: Jill Porteous, Ted Stewart-Wynne, Pauline Crommelin

Implementing Bedside Nursing Handover (PDF 221 KB)

Griffith University, Research Centre for Clinical and Community Practice Innovation
Presenters: Wendy Chaboyer, Anne McMurray (Murdoch University)

Pushing the Envelope: Clinical Handover between Aged Care Homes and Hospitals (PDF 140 KB)

North East Valley Division of General Practice
Presenters: Mary Belfrage, Diana Cooper

Making an im –“PACT” an education program for clinical handover (PDF 1231 KB)

Albury Wodonga Private Hospital
Presenters: MaryEllen Mickle, Sally Squire, Eileen Clark, Anne Heyme and Eileen Petrie

Identifying and Solving BARriers to effective handover in interhospital transfer

Hunter New England Area Health Service
Presenters: Kim Hill, Rosemary Aldrich, Anne Duggan and Kim Lane

Tools to evaluate the quality of interprofessional clinical handover in complex settings (PDF 2606 KB)

Deakin University
Presenters: Bernice Redley, Mari Botti, Louise Alexander, Agnetha Clarke and Andrew McNess

What’s missing? Audit tools to linking patient information to patient care (PDF 662 KB)

Presenters: Helen Hoare, Dr Kylie Norris, Karen Kasper & Lisa Mitchell

SHARED communication between obstetricians and midwives – a framework for clinical handover (PDF 431 KB)

Mater Health Services Brisbane Ltd
Presenters: Sara Hatten-Masterson and Marnie Griffiths

Bedside Nursing (PDF 185 KB) and Medical Handover (PDF 1488 KB)

Griffith University, Research Centre for Clinical and Community Practice Innovation, Ipswich Hospital and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
Presenters: Wendy Chaboyer, Joanne Johnson and Clare Richmond

Effective Handover of Private Mental Health Patients to Community Health Practitioners (PDF 1868 KB)

St John of God Health Services (NSW)
Presenters: Susan Wood and Noella Sheerin

‘Leading Clinical Handover’ an online education program for clinical leaders

The University of Queensland
Presenters: Lynn Robinson and Nina Bianco