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Register your Interest

The Commission is conducting consultations nationally with key organisations and individuals with an interest in or working in the clinical trials sector. The information gathered from the consultative workshops will be used to inform the Clinical Trials Governance Framework.

Representatives from organisations and individuals working in the clinical trials sector are invited to register their interest.

Please choose from one of the locations and dates listed below. Please note these dates are tentative only and may change. Once registration for expressions of interest has closed, you will receive an email invite to the workshop with confirmed dates and locations:


*Participants from ACT, NT and Tasmania

Participants from these locations will have the opportunity to be flown to a consultation being held in to the state closest to them (see above).


Participants from rural and remote locations

You will be able to register to attend the workshop via videoconference.



If you have any further enquiries on these workshops please contact the Clinical Trials Governance Framework team at: