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Delivering comprehensive care is about ensuring that health care delivered to a patient is informed by their clinical and personal needs and preferences, is shaped by their shared decisions, and is planned and delivered in partnership with the patient and their support people.

Comprehensive care involves teams of health professionals working together and communicating effectively to plan, manage and coordinate care for the patient. It requires health service organisations to have systems and processes in place to support this, and to foster a collaborative and person-centred culture.

In this section

Comprehensive Care Standard

The second edition of the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards includes a new Comprehensive Care Standard.

Conceptual model for Comprehensive Care

A conceptual model to support health service organisations in understanding the conditions required to support the delivery of comprehensive care.

Comprehensive Care Resources

Resources to help healthcare organisations and clinicians implement comprehensive care.

Essential elements for comprehensive care delivery

A set of six essential elements which represent different stages or processes that a patient may experience when clinical care is delivered.