The National Antimicrobial Stewardship Network was established by the Commission to facilitate national two way communication on matters relating to AMS between the Commission, states and territories and private and paediatric sectors. The Network is chaired by Dr David Kong, who is also a member of the Commission’s AMS Advisory Committee. The role of the Network is to:

  • provide a means to implement AMS activities nationally
  • provide opportunities for jurisdictions, private and paediatric sectors and the Commission to share materials and lessons learned
  • assist in identifying resources suitable for national development
  • provide a forum for jurisdictions to provide advice to the Commission via the Antimicrobial Stewardship Advisory Committee on proposed activities for national action.

Contact your representative to learn about AMS activities in your jurisdiction or health care sector.

Pharmacy sector:  Dr David Kong

New South Wales: Evette Buono

Victoria: Dr Kylie McIntosh

Queensland: Louise Davis

Western Australia: Kerry Fitzsimons

South Australia: Vicki McNeil

ACT: Dr Kathryn Daveson

Tasmania: Katie Flanagan and Duncan Mckenzie

Northern Territory: Dr Craig Boutlis

Paediatric sector: Dr Penelope Bryant

Quality and Safety sector: Sarah Michael