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The Building Clinician Capacity Initiative has been designed to close any skill or knowledge-based gaps by providing educational packages/toolkits for Infection Control Practitioners upon whom the implementation of the overall healthcare associated infection (HAI) program can be almost entirely dependent.

Online interactive modules education modules for Infection Prevention and Control

As part of the Clinical Capacity element of the National HAI Prevention Program a series of education modules have been developed to assist staff who undertake infection prevention as part of a clinical role, as well as for those who work in private or small hospitals.

The online interactive education modules are based on the content of the Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control in Healthcare 2010, and are anticipated to assist in identifying risk management strategies to reduce HAI.

Further information on the modules is available here.

Online module – Infection Prevention and Control Orientation Package for Health Care Workers

This online module is designed to be used by health service organisations as part of their orientation program for the workforce in infection prevention and control.

This module contains three levels that reflect the variation in risk of exposure to blood and body substances that different roles may have and users should choose the content that best reflects that level of risk e.g. direct contact, indirect contact or no contact with blood or body substances.

A certificate of completion is available to registered users when they have completed 100% of the content in the level selected. More than one level can be undertaken by a registered user and modules can be repeated.

Online module – Infection Prevention and Control Orientation Package for Health Care Workers