Approaches to Surgical Site Infection Surveillance (PDF 4MB)

Recommendations for the control of Carbapenemenase-producing Enterobacteriaceae (PDF 3MB)

Control of CPE: Information for patients (PDF 173KB) (Word 761KB)

Control of CPE: Checklist for ward staff and after hours managers (PDF 255KB) (Word 1MB)

Control of CPE: Information for clinicians and health service managers  (PDF 227KB) (Word 761KB)

Control of CPE: Information for clinicians  (PDF 178KB) (Word 340KB)

Antimicrobial Stewardship Publications

Antimicrobial Stewardship in Australian Hospitals 2011

Safer use of antimicrobials in hospitals: the value of antimicrobial usage data 

Building Clinician Capacity Publications

HAI Year in Review 2011

National Infection Control Guidelines

Surveillance Initiative Publications

Windows into Quality and Safety 2011

  • Chapter 1, pg 6, Progress of the national approach to the monitoring of hand hygiene in hospitals
  • Chapter 3, pg 32, Infection prevention and Control
  • Chapter 9, pg 97, Improving surveillance of healthcare associated infection

Windows into Quality and Safety 2010

  • Chapter 3, pg 19 Addressing antibiotic resistance

For further information on these publications, please refer to the relevant National HAI Prevention Program Initiative.

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