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In 2010 Professor Nicholas Graves, Queensland University of Technology, was awarded $500,000 under the NHMRC Partnerships for Better Health Grant to evaluate the impact of the National Hand Hygiene Initiative on reducing healthcare associated infections (HAI) in public hospitals.  The Grant has enabled the evaluation of the hospital based intervention to improve hand hygiene compliance among Australian healthcare workers and reduce HAI in hospitals.

The broad aim is to measure how well the National Hand Hygiene Initiative worked, what factors were important to its success, and whether implementing the program was good value for money.

Objectives of the project include:

  • Describe current infection control resources in Australian hospitals and the case-mix of patients treated
  • Assess the level of knowledge about hand hygiene and infection among healthcare workers
  • Examine the role of the organisational safety climate in determining hand hygiene compliance
  • Describe the outcomes of hand hygiene compliance and rates of healthcare associated infections such as Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia
  • Evaluate the total economic cost of implementing the National Hand Hygiene Initiative in Australian public hospitals
  • Estimate excess length of stay in hospital due to healthcare associated infections.