National Hand Hygiene Advisory Committee is the major liaison body between the Hand Hygiene project team, the jurisdictions and private sector hospitals. The committee:

  • Provides key advice on strategy options for the National Hand Hygiene project;
  • Provides implementation guidance with jurisdictions, the private sector, Aged Care sector, and with consumers;
  • Provides advice on the implementation of a Hand Hygiene Campaign; and
  • Makes recommendations to the Commission on short and long term implementation strategies of the National Hand Hygiene project.


  • Wendy Beckingham, ICP, Canberra Hospital, ACT
  • Professor Marilyn Cruickshank, Director National HAI Program, ACSQHC (Chair)
  • Dr Lucy Cuddihy, Executive Director, Nursing and Midwifery, Barwon Health
  • Dr Paul Curtis, Clinical Excellence Commission, NSW
  • Linda Henderson, Department of Health South Australia
  • Bernadette Lyons, Private Hospital Sector Representative
  • Rebecca McCann, Program Manager HAI Unit of Western Australia, Department of Health, WA
  • Toni McLean, Assistant Director of Nursing Infection Control, Department of Health, Queensland
  • Belinda Russell, representative, Australian Government Department of Health
  • Jenny Stackleroth, Clinical Nurse Consultant, Infection Control Mater Health Services
  • Deane Wilks, Director, Patient Safety and Quality, Department of Health, Northern Territory
  • Fiona Wilson, CNC Infection Control, Department of Health and Human Services, Tasmania
  • Belinda Yates, Director, Quality and Safety Unit, ACT Health