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Progressing in parallel with the National Hand Hygiene Initiative evaluation and funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council in 2011, Professor Graves’ Centre for Research Excellence (CRE) will generate new knowledge about how resources should be allocated for the reduction of healthcare associated infection (HAI) in Australia.  In collaboration with healthcare professionals and decision makers the CRE will generate and disseminate new knowledge in 5 key areas:

  1. Improving the surveillance of HAI;
  2. The impact of HAI on length of hospital stay and death risk;
  3. The clinical effectiveness of infection control interventions;
  4. The transmission dynamics of infectious pathogens focussing on how MRSA spreads in Australian hospital and the role of community reservoir;
  5. The decision making processes used by politicians, bureaucrats and health managers to adopt (or not adopt) an infection control programme and,
  6. The economic cost of implementing infection control programs in an Australian setting.

The CRE will develop research capacity in these areas among seven post-doctoral researchers and ten PhD students.

A communication strategy is being implemented to promote and involve healthcare professionals and decision makers in the CRE’s activities and to disseminate research finding.  The strategy includes;

  • A Wiki, blog and electronic newsletter updated once a fortnight.
  • A stakeholder consultation workshop scheduled for early 2012
  • A program of research seminars will be presented by the Post-Docs and PhD students.
  • The CRE will host two international health services research conference to present the findings from the six research areas.

For more information please contact Megan Campbell, Program Manager at