Emergency Triage Education Kit Review

Review of the 2009 Emergency Triage Education Kit.


In 2009, the Emergency Triage Education Kit (ETEK), was published by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing (the Department), to provide a nationally consistent training framework for triage to support emergency clinicians. To ensure relevance and continued value for Australian emergency clinicians, the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (the Commission) will review the ETEK, funded by the Department of Health and Aged Care. The project will take approximately 12 months.

Aim of the review

The project aims to update the ETEK so that it is a contemporary, evidence-based learning resource that supports the nationally consistent use of the Australasian Triage Scale at Emergency Department triage.

The Commission will consult and collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders, including state, territory and Australian Government health departments, nursing and specialist colleges, clinicians and consumers.

ETEK Project Advisory Group

Having undertaken previous work relating to the Emergency Department setting and clinical care at triage, including extensive work on recognising and responding to the deteriorating patient, the Commission is well placed to lead this review and update. The Commission will establish a Project Advisory Group to provide strategic guidance, leadership, and clinical input to support the review and revision of the ETEK.  

The membership of the Project Advisory Group will include representatives from peak bodies across Australia, and clinical and academic topic experts. It is anticipated that the group will meet bi-monthly.

The Project Advisory Group will provide:

  • Technical and operational advice to support the successful achievement of the project
  • Guidance of the ETEK project to ensure alignment with the current context
  • Advice on potential risks and mitigation strategies
  • Support for engagement with relevant stakeholders (e.g., clinicians, consumers, government agencies, academic institutions, and software vendors)
  • Reviewing and providing feedback on project outputs, including supplementary resources and materials
  • Advice on the practical application of the ETEK
  • Advice on the development of project plans and processes, as applicable
  • Advice on internal and external stakeholder management

Senior Project Officer

Leading this piece of work, the Commission will be recruiting a Senior Project Officer to review and analyse information, oversee and coordinate the development of content, manage stakeholders, facilitate meetings and prepare project reports. This also includes the development of contemporary evidence-based practice driven work.

More information

For further information regarding this project please contact Gillian Giles, Director, Healthcare Variation from the Commission at ETEKproject@safetyandquality.gov.au.