Feedback and case studies

If you are moving towards implementing, or are already using, AHPEQS, the Commission would like to learn from your experiences.


Please email us at to ensure that your experiences of implementation can be used to help us design a national specification that is relevant and useful to organisations like yours. We will conduct a brief interview with you over the phone to find out more. You can also send us your feedback about how your implementation is going using the template provided.

AHPEQS implementer feedback template (134.29 KB)

Case studies

The Commission also invites submissions of case studies by people or services with a story to tell about AHPEQS, to give ideas to others about how they can make best use of AHPEQS or how to solve common issues. These case studies can be detailed or brief.

You might want to submit a case study about:

  • Why you decided to use AHPEQS in your organisation
  • What your goal was in using AHPEQS
  • How you implemented AHPEQS – what worked and what didn’t
  • How you have involved consumers and patients in your implementation process
  • How you used AHPEQS as part of bigger initiatives (for example, person-centred care, accreditation, improving safety and quality in a particular ward or service)
  • Improvements or changes you have made as a result of using AHPEQS
  • Evidence of the impact AHPEQS has had for you or your organisation.

AHPEQS Implementers’ Community of Practice (AICOP)

AICOP is a safe space for email and teleconference discussion among implementers of AHPEQS. Members can discuss issues with or successes in their implementation. Before joining, members sign an agreement to keep information confidential if the person disclosing it requests this. The network is run in the spirit of joint problem-solving, information sharing and avoiding reinvention of the wheel. It is also intended as a mechanism for the Commission to learn about what works and what doesn’t when AHPEQS is used in the ‘real world’, to inform an evaluation and future specifications and guidance.

We would like to overcome traditional service and sector boundaries, to get the most out of AHPEQS in the most efficient way for everyone. The membership of AICOP therefore includes private and public sector organisations including hospitals, local health networks, hospital groups and governments.

If you are interested in joining AICOP, please email with ‘AICOP’ in the subject line.