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Review of Hospital Patient Experience Surveys conducted by Australian Hospitals

In March 2011, the National Health Information Strategic Subcommittee (NHISSC) recommended that the development of a national approach to patient experience measurement and reporting be supported by a Patient Experience Information Development Working Group (PEIDWG).

As part of this national process, a review of current patient experience surveys within Australian hospitals was conducted by the Commission. This paper provides the synthesis of the review.

Review of Hospital Patient Experience Surveys conducted by Australian Hospitals (PDF 554KB)

Patients’ experiences in Australian Hospitals: A rapid review of the evidence

In late 2015, a literature review was conducted to assess peer-reviewed research relating to Australian patients’ self-reported experiences in hospital and day procedure services. This was a narrative metasynthesis of 39 qualitative research studies which examined direct patient reports of their experiences via interviews and focus groups. The purpose was to show the aspects of hospital and day procedure care which patients themselves commonly mention as contributing to positive and negative experiences. The review found the following to be important to patients:

  • Care environment
  • Reciprocal communication and information sharing
  • Correct treatment and physical outcome
  • Emotional support
  • Comfort, pain and clinical care
  • Interpersonal skills and professionalism
  • Discharge planning and process.

Full Report–Patients’ Experiences in Australian Hospitals: a rapid review of the evidence (PDF 526KB)(Word)