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The Commission recently undertook a consultation with the aim of developing a national set of practice-level indicators of safety and quality for primary health care.

These indicators are designed for voluntary inclusion in quality improvement strategies at the local practice or service level, and are intended for local use by organisations and individuals providing primary health care services. Recommendations regarding indicators for General Practice are not in scope for the project outcomes, as the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners is conducting a dedicated project to develop its own indicator sets.

The Commission released a Consultation Paper (PDF 279 KB), including a candidate set of indicators for quality improvement in primary health care. The consultation on the candidate set of indicators commenced from 14 September 2011 and closed on 25 October 2011. The submissions can be viewed by following this link. The Synthesis of submissions on the Consultation Paper and recommended National Indicator Set (February 2012)(PDF 1382 KB) is also available.

In May 2012, the Board noted the finalisation of the set of practice-level indicators for local use in primary health care services (PDF 26 KB). A detailed specification (PDF 361 KB) is also available.