Infection Prevention and Control eLearning Modules


A suite of eLearning modules has been developed by the Commission to provide information on the principles of infection prevention and control in Australian healthcare settings. Many of these modules are also of value to those involved in aged care, the community more generally, or workforce groups, such as beauticians.


It is important for all health care workers to understand the importance of infection prevention and control and their individual contribution to preventing the spread of infection. To support health care workers, and others in the community, the Commission developed ten eLearning modules which can be undertaken individually, or as a suite, dependent on need.

  • Principles of infection prevention and control
  • Risk management systems for infectious agents and infectious diseases
  • Basic microbiology and multi-resistant organisms
  • Cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation
  • Infectious agent health screening and immunisation of healthcare workers
  • Outbreak investigation and management
  • Management of occupation exposure
  • Renovation, repairs and redevelopment risk management
  • Basic epidemiology/statistics
  • Surveillance and quality improvement

These eLearning modules are based on the content of the Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare.

A workbook has also been developed to support the use of the modules, and is available through the link below:

Guide, user guide or guidelines

The Commission’s Infection Prevention and Control learning modules (modules 1 -10) are available through the National Hand Hygiene Initiative Learning Management System (NHHI LMS). To access the modules, you will need to log into the NHHI LMS using your current login details, or register as a new user.

Access the NHHI LMS eLearning modules.

Select the tab labelled Infection Control Modules, open the catalogue and choose which module you wish to undertake to begin your learning. You may select any number of modules in any order. A certificate of completion is available at the end of each successfully completed module which you are encouraged to download when you have completed the module.

Please be aware that any uncompleted modules from the previous platform for the LMS are unable to be transferred to this new system. If you do not have a certificate from a previously completed module, unfortunately you will need to restart and complete the relevant modules in the current LMS.

The previous Infection Control Orientation e-learning modules (direct patient contact, indirect patient contact and minimal patient contact) have now been merged into one module. The new module is titled The Basics of Infection Prevention and Control. It is suitable for all health care workers and health care students and may also be suitable for other other industries where infection prevention and control is important. This module provides a basic orientation and foundation on which to build your infection prevention and control knowledge. The module can be accessed at

NOTE. This link to the eLearning modules has been updated. If you have previously saved the link you need to update it with the new URL above.