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The Commission worked with the:

  • Centre of Research Excellence in Patient Safety at Monash University to draft national operating principles
  • National E-Health Transition Authority to draft technical standards and related documents.

A public consultation on the draft operating principles and technical standards was then held and the resources were also tested and validated by six registries. Each registry developed a report on the results of this testing, these provide insights into the application of the framework. Registries under development may find these individual reports useful:

  1. Australasian Rehabilitation Outcomes Centre (AROC) REPORT (PDF 503 KB)
  2. Australian Cardiac Procedures Registry (ACPR) REPORT (PDF 1092 KB)
  3. Australian Stroke Clinical Registry (AuSCR) REPORT (PDF 1053 KB)
  4. Bi-National Burns Registry (BNBR) REPORT (PDF 682 KB)
  5. National Breast Cancer Audit (NBCA) REPORT (PDF 513 KB)
  6. Neck of Femur Fracture Registry of Australia (NOffRA) REPORT (PDF 1143 KB)


The results of the testing were also summarised by an external evaluation report (PDF 2934 KB).

The operating principles and technical standards were subsequently revised, endorsed by Ministers in 2010, and incorporated into the Framework for Australian clinical quality registries.