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Electronic Medication Management Systems:  A guide to safe implementation (3rd edition) has been produced by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (the Commission) to assist hospitals and health service organisations to safely implement electronic medication management (EMM) systems.

The guide has been informed by a review of the second edition, more recent international literature, the experiences of Australian EMM system implementation sites, and stakeholder consultation, to provide guidance on the activities required for safe and effective EMM system implementation and use.  This edition also incorporates feedback from individual health service organisations, and states and territories that have either implemented EMM or progressed their EMM planning since the previous edition of the guide.

This edition of the guide includes additional material about:

  • The experiences of recent EMM implementations
  • National medication safety priorities
  • Medicines-related standards and national infrastructure
  • Embedding the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme in workflow
  • Business continuity planning and operationalising the EMM system
  • Policy and compliance, and regulation
  • Data management and analytics, and continuous quality improvement.

The use of the guide by health service organisations implementing EMM was first endorsed by state, territory and Australian Government health ministers in November 2011. On 8 December 2017, the Australian Health Ministers Advisory Council (AHMAC) endorsed the Commission’s revised guide.