These resources include step-by-step instructions on how to use the NIMC VTE prophylaxis section, and background information about the issue of hospital-associated VTE:

  • PowerPoint presentation – to educate staff on how to use the VTE prophylaxis section

NIMC VTE Prophylaxis Section PowerPoint presentation (PPT 1.8MB)

  • A3 Poster –to raise awareness of the VTE prophylaxis section

NIMC VTE Prophylaxis Poster (PDF 255KB)

NIMC VTE Prophylaxis Poster external printing (PDF 255KB) (for commercial printing purposes only)

  • Brochure –to communicate the VTE prophylaxis section to staff.

NIMC VTE Prophylaxis Brochure (PDF 706KB)

NIMC VTE Prophylaxis Brochure external printing (PDF 726KB) (for commercial printing purposes only)

NIMC VTE prophylaxis section auditing and reporting tool

This electronic tool is designed to measure use of the pre-printed NIMC VTE prophylaxis section safety elements. It can be used to collect pre-implementation and post-implementation audit data, and report on audit data.

NIMC VTE Prophylaxis Audit and Reporting Tool (XLS 552KB)

NIMC VTE Prophylaxis Section Audit and Reporting Tool User Guide (PDF 400KB)

For help with the NIMC VTE audit tool, email the Commission at