The Medication Management Plan (MMP) is a standardised medicines reconciliation form used at hospital admission.

The MMP allows standardised recording of the medicines taken before presentation at the hospital, and reconciling of patients’ medicines on admission, during intrahospital transfer and at discharge. Clinicians can use the MMP to improve the accuracy of information recorded, and make it available to the clinician responsible for prescribing medicines.

The MMP can be used for adult and paediatric patients. Some states and territories and health services have modified the MMP to align with local needs and practices.

The MMP is based on the Medication Action Plan developed by the Safe Medication Management Unit, Queensland Health, in consultation with nurses, doctors and pharmacists. The MMP aligns with the Australian Pharmaceutical Advisory Council’s guiding principles to achieve continuity in medication management. It incorporates the minimum dataset for a medication history as outlined in Guiding Principle 4: Accurate medication history.

Medication Management Plan (PDF 240KB)

Medication Management Plan design files

Guidance and training on using the Medication Management Plan is available from the resources for medication reconciliation page.