Medicines management – COVID-19

This guidance on medicines management during the COVID-19 pandemic has been developed to assist health service organisations and clinicians; in particular, those involved in the prescribing, dispensing and administration of medicines. Development has been informed by environmental scanning and literature review.

Information about safe and quality use of medicines that may be used in the management of COVID-19 is presented as medicines-related position statements. The position statements are individually dated to reflect their own revision timeline and will be reviewed on a regular basis.

These statements are provided to support the rapidly changing environment acknowledging that appropriate medicines governance and the mechanisms to support these may need to be adapted. This includes the sharing and consideration of rapid reviews by others including states and territories and peak professional bodies.

The Commission is seeking review and making appropriate revisions in collaboration with its extensive network of experts and stakeholders. Specifically, the Commission acknowledges the Health Services Medication Expert Advisory Group (HSMEAG) that meets quarterly and includes members from all states and territories.

Consultation with peak professional bodies and consumer focused associations has been restricted during collation or development of these resources. Comment and support from these organisations to continually inform the content will be actively sought and is welcomed and appreciated.

COVID-19 Medicines management: Position statements on medicine-related issues

For further resources on COVID-19 from government organisations, peak professional bodies, consumer associations and the medical press, please visit COVID-19 Web resources.

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