NIMC versions with VTE prophylaxis section

A version of the NIMC incorporating a venous thromboembolism is available for implementation by health services. The NIMC (acute) and NIMC (GP e-version) incorporate the VTE prophylaxis section. The NIMC (day surgery) incorporates a modified VTE prophylaxis section.

Use of NIMC versions with a VTE prophylaxis section

The VTE prophylaxis section is intended to prompt prescribers to assess all adult patients for risk of VTE on admission and prescribe appropriate VTE prophylaxis. It should be used in conjunction with the hospital’s approved VTE risk assessment and prophylaxis policies, protocols or guides.

NIMC VTE pilot

The NIMC VTE prophylaxis section is based on significant local and national work including over two years of national piloting. The NIMC VTE Phase Two Final Report details the extensive process, outcomes and recommendations on which the decision to incorporate a pre-printed VTE prophylaxis section into the NIMC was based.

Resources to implement the NIMC VTE prophylaxis section

PowerPoint presentation

Designed for health services to educate staff on how to use the and includes background to the issue of hospital-associated VTE as well as step-by-step instructions on how to use it. Local logos and contact details can be incorporated into the presentation.

A3 Poster

Designed to raise awareness of the new NIMC VTE prophylaxis section.


Designed to communicate the new NIMC VTE prophylaxis section to staff.

NIMC VTE Prophylaxis Section Audit and Reporting Tool

Designed for health services to measure use of the pre-printed NIMC VTE prophylaxis section safety elements. The electronic tool can be used to collect pre-implementation and post-implementation audit data and report on audit data.

NIMC VTE Prophylaxis Section Audit and Reporting Tool User Guide

Designed for auditors to familiarise themselves with the NIMC VTE audit tool functions. It includes recommendations and advice on auditing the NIMC VTE prophylaxis section.

More information

For further assistance with the NIMC VTE audit tool, send an email with the subject header “NIMC VTE Prophylaxis Section Audit and Reporting Tool Query” to