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Administration of medicines or substances by the wrong route, including intrathecal and epidural, comprise a small but serious proportion of the problem of injection errors in medicines administration. Internationally, safety organisations have tried to reduce the incidence of erroneous injection with education of health personnel, storage, and colouring and labelling of medicines and devices, including the National standard for user-applied labelling of injectable medicines fluids and lines.

The International Standard ISO 80369-6:2016 Small bore connectors for liquids and gases in healthcare applications – Part 6: Connectors for neuraxial applications was introduced with the aim of reducing the injection of erroneous substances via intrathecal, epidural and other neural routes. ISO 80369-6:2016 specifies the design and dimensions of small-bore connectors intended for all neural applications, including neuraxial, peripheral and regional applications.

In a joint statement, The Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) and the Commission recommend that ISO 80369-6:2016 be adopted in Australia as part of a global initiative to improve patient safety.