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Public consultation process is now closed

The Commission’s consultation process on patient safety and quality improvement in primary care is now closed.

The Commission would like to thank the organisations and individuals that provided submissions during the consultation period. The feedback received will be reviewed and used to inform the Commission’s work program. A report on the consultation will be produced and made available later in 2018.

Download the Consultation paper – Patient safety and quality improvement in primary care – October 2017

The written submissions that relate to this consultation can be viewed using the link below:
Primary Health Care – Written submissions on patient safety and quality improvement in primary care


Understanding risks to patient safety in primary health care

A significant proportion of health care is provided by primary care services but little is known about the frequency, causes and consequences of errors and adverse events in this sector. There is also limited evidence on effective patient safety initiatives in this sector. Risks to patient safety can occur in both acute and primary care settings, including large tertiary hospitals, small rural services and general practices.

Since 2009 the Commission has been working to better understand the issues that affect patient safety in primary care settings. Outcomes of this work include literature reviews, a discussion paper and a consultation report.

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Last updated: 21 June 2018