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Audit and Evaluation Tools

These tools have been developed to help facilities to collect the data required to evaluate some of the different aspects of recognition and response systems.

A series of quality measures have also been developed to enable facilities to review their processes and outcomes relating to recognising and responding to clinical deterioration.

Quality Measures for Recognition and Response Systems

Facilities are not required to collect data on these measures and can choose the quality measures that best fit with their circumstances. However, ACSQHC suggests that all facilities should include the key measures listed below in their evaluation systems. Facilities may choose additional measures to focus on depending on the stage of implementation of their recognition and response systems. For example, facilities could audit the documentation of core physiological observations and compliance with monitoring plans or policies when a new observation and monitoring policy is introduced. Facilities with well-embedded systems may focus on rates of failed escalation with mortality, rapid response activation and unexpected in-hospital death as measures of ongoing performance.

Key measures:

Additional measures:

A PDF that includes all of the quality measures is available for download here.