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On 22 April 2010, Australian Health Ministers endorsed the National Consensus Statement: Essential Elements for Recognising and Responding to Clinical Deterioration (PDF 1013 kb) as the national approach for recognising and responding to clinical deterioration in Australian acute care facilities.

Healthcare facilities need to have systems in place that address all elements of the Consensus Statement to ensure that all patients who deteriorate receive a timely and appropriate treatment response. A suite of resources has been developed to support healthcare organisations to implement recognition and response systems:

  • The comprehensive Guide to Support Implementation of the National Consensus Statement has been designed to help health service providers to identify strategies for successfully implementing robust recognition and response systems.
  • A series of five Quick-Start Guides have been developed to enable rapid access to the key requirements for implementation of the Consensus Statement.
  • A selection of tools and resources which include:
    • Fact sheets
    • Self-assessment and planning tools
    • Audit and evaluation tools
    • Examples of resources from Australian healthcare organisations

The Consensus Statement has been used as the foundation for the development of National Safety and Quality Health Service Standard 9: Recognising and Responding to Clinical Deterioration in Acute Health Care. The resources that have been developed to support implementation of the Consensus Statement will also assist facilities to implement the criteria outlined in the Standard.