The National Consensus Statement (PDF 2MB) sets out the agreed practice for recognising and responding to clinical deterioration and has been developed as a generic document that applies to all patients in all acute care facilities in Australia.

It outlines the:

  • importance of providing safe and high-quality care to patients who deteriorate in hospitals
  • clinical processes required to recognise these patients, and respond to them appropriately
  • organisational systems required to ensure that patients who deteriorate are recognised and responded to.

A comprehensive Guide to Support Implementation of the National Consensus Statement has been designed to help health service providers to identify strategies for successfully implementing robust recognition and response systems and a series of five Quick-Start Guides have been developed to enable rapid access to the key requirements for implementation of the Consensus Statement.

Consultation Process

ACSQHC undertook an extensive consultation process in developing the Consensus Statement. Over forty written submissions were received and considered by the program’s Advisory Committee when developing the final Consensus Statement.

A list of organisations and individuals and corresponding submissions is available. A summary of the feedback received during the consultation process can be found in the consultation report (PDF 114KB) .