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The Commission held a National Innovation Workshop on 14 November 2008, as part of the initiative to develop an evidence-based observation chart. The workshop was designed to provide information about the main activities in Australia to improve observation charts and the identification of deterioration.

The workshop was well attended by over 100 health professionals interested in the area or related activities in managing patients at risk. The information presented at the workshop, and the discussions of participants will inform the development of specific research questions to be addressed as part of further work to gather evidence about the use of observation charts to identify deterioration.

Workshop presentations, a summary of the issues raised and some information papers are available for download:

Workshop Summary Notes (PDF 59 KB)


Dr Nicola Dunbar – Development and use of observation charts to identify patients at risk (PDF 590 KB)

Associate Professor Marcus Watson – Design and Evaluation: Getting the Human Factors Right in Healthcare (PDF 191 KB)

Professor Clifford Hughes – Recognition and Management of the Deteriorating Patient (PDF 333 KB)

Dr Imogen Mitchell – Patients at Risk of Critical Illness and the Observation Chart (PDF 232 KB)

Ms Linda Peel – Early Recognition of the Deteriorating Patient (PDF 2201 KB)

Dr Jill Kealley – Observation Charts as Point of Care Clinical Resources (PDF 3019 KB)

Dr Kevin McCaffery – Improving the Safety of Children Admitted to Hospital: Use of a Human Factors Approach to Redesign (PDF 4641 KB)

Ms Anna Green – Victorian Travelling Fellowship Program (PDF 869 KB)