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Improving the Recognition and Response to Deteriorating Paediatric Patients: Your Chance to Ask the Experts

The Commission hosted a second workshop about systems for recognising and responding to deteriorating paediatric patients on 30 April 2010 in Melbourne.

This workshop provided a forum where researchers and clinicians with an interest in issues regarding the identification and management of deteriorating paediatric patients could hear about the progress of various work being undertaken in the different jurisdictions. Specifically this included the development of the Children’s Early Warning Tool (CEWT) in Queensland and the expansion of the COMPASS (ACT), PACE (NSW SESIAHS) and Between the Flags (NSW) programs to paediatric patients.

The workshop program (PDF 29 KB) and presentations are now available for download.


Dr Tony Lafferty and Ms Heather McKay
Deteriorating patient project in the ACT (PDF 396 KB)
Dr Kevin McCaffery
The Children’s Early Warning Tool (PDF 1470 KB)
Ms Jo Leaver and Dr Jonny Taitz
Achievements and challenges of the deteriorating paediatric patient (PDF 1020 KB)
Ms Chrissy Ceely
Implementation of the NSW Health Between the Flags program (PDF 987 KB)

The first workshop in this series was held in Sydney in March 2009.

Paediatric Interest Group Workshop

On 19 March 2009, the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care hosted a workshop on paediatric observation charts and identification of deteriorating patients. This workshop was an opportunity to provide a forum for researchers and clinicians with an interest in the area of identifying and managing deteriorating paediatric patients.

workshop summary (PDF 47 KB) and presentations of the issues raised are available for download.


Dr Kevin McCaffery – Normal physiological values for children: what do we know? (PDF 100 KB)

Dr Marino Festa – The specific needs of children (PDF 153 KB)

Mr Tomas Ratoni – Does being regional/rural make a difference to paediatric observations? (PDF 625 KB)

Dr Kevin McCaffery – Considerations for future paediatric work (PDF 35 KB)

Initiatives in other jurisdictions

Presentations have also been given in other forums about recognition and response systems in place for paediatric patients in other facilities. These include the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne and the Princess Margaret Hospital, Perth.

Dr James Tibballs – Outcomes of paediatric emergency team and rapid response team systems (PDF 242 KB)

Dr Alan Duncan – The deteriorating child (PDF 317 KB)